Copywriting Service

With scores of potential customers and clients browsing the Internet for interesting and informative content, you can’t afford to ignore the power of the written word.

Copy can be anything from communicative and coherent to captivating and compelling depending on what your business is trying to say.

At ITTU, we are passionate about creating expressive and appealing copy. Whether you’re trying to promote a new and exciting product, sell a particular service or simply keep consumers up-to-date with the brand’s latest developments, we hold the content key.

There might be a temptation to keep your copywriting needs in-house, but you’ll be missing out on a multitude of additional benefits that a seasoned professional like ITTU can bring. Our copywriting services include:

Website copywriting
Content marketing
Corporate and guest blogs
Feature articles
Case studies
White papers
Press releases
Email newsletters
SEO copywriting
Social media posts

When a prospective customer or client visits your website, every aspect of the business can be expressed through words. Let them know about your brand identity, core values and company culture through top-notch content. But even before visitors reach your online portal, the battle is often won or lost on search engines.

In the ever-changing online world, competition for search engine supremacy is fierce. While Google, Bing and Yahoo continually change their ranking algorithms, high quality content and copy never fails to deliver favourable results.

First Class Content

ITTU has an abundance of technical SEO skills, but we also know how important first-class content is. Our talented writers are able to produce engaging, appealing and useful content, which serves a positive purpose and is useful to consumers.

After all, convincing copy has the power to increase search engine visibility, enhance brand reputations, increase your online footprint and ultimately deliver greater sales.

Day in, day out, ITTU interacts with clients, puts across ideas and relay messages. As a result, we like to think communication is one of our strong points. Choose us to complete some copywriting and you’ll be guaranteed content of an incredibly high standard.

Tailor-made content

From formal and corporate press releases to casual and light-hearted blogs, we are adaptable and flexible depending on your requirements.

On top of copywriting wants and needs, you’re bound to have quite a few additional responsibilities to worry about. These might not be getting the attention they deserve and written content might not be as effective as it could be.

But having a sense of perspective and making life easier is all in a day’s work at ITTU. As an outsider looking in, we can gain an in-depth understanding of what your customers or clients require. Therefore, you’ll be receiving tailor-made copy that couldn’t be more effective or influential.

It doesn’t matter what your business sells or provides; copywriting cannot be underestimated. So do you want search engine success or be lost in the low ranking wildness? Would you prefer e-commerce prosperity or a distinct lack of sales?

ITTU will leave those decisions up to you. We await your response…

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