IT infrastructure

With the right IT infrastructure, your business can enjoy greater efficiency as well as more redundancy and flexibility for future expansion. At ITTU, we can configure, manage, and optimise your on-premise infrastructure or host it from our own data centre.

No matter whether you want to replace your current IT infrastructure or need to get more from existing hardware, you can rely on ITTU’s team of qualified, proficient, and professional engineers.

Our aim is to ensure that every single aspect of your network is supporting and contributing to the business and its objectives.

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Why choose ITTU for your IT infrastructure?

ITTU wants to be an integral part of your business, not just another IT provider.

Along with providing top quality products, we also prioritise the customer’s experience. This is what sets ITTU apart and in turn, will give you a competitive advantage too.

We’ll also work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way, from consultation to installation and even on-going support.

Networking Infrastructure

ITTU is on hand to provide and support both LAN and WAN equipment, as part of a connectivity service or separately. We guarantee your network equipment will be fully optimised for the processes, data, and software that runs through it. From single offices to multi-site organisations, ITTU will always listen to the client’s requirements, analyse their existing hardware, and design a solution without risk of over-provisioning or under-servicing.

Our seasoned staff are vastly experienced when it comes to main routing and switching providers. And because ITTU isn’t tied to any one vendor, we can offer unbiased advice on the right technology for your business, backed up by in-depth industry knowledge.

Servers & Storage

Servers and storage are a critical part of almost every business. That’s why ITTU adopts an all-encompassing approach towards server and storage management, establishing your access and security needs before coming up with a plan of action. We will aim to retain speed of access and cost efficiency too, regardless of whether your solution is on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid.

With our comprehensive data-backup strategy, you can mitigate the threat of server and storage failure. ITTU’s business continuity capabilities will keep your business up and running no matter what, while our data recovery solution is there for when the worst-case scenario does occur.


By working alongside ITTU, you’ll benefit from connectivity that is fully maintained and optimised to guarantee maximum uptime and speed. We can work with your existing set-up or help you move to Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) or Generic Ethernet Access (GEA).

FTTC makes use of readily available, high-speed fibre-optic cables to provide fast internet connectivity. Because it is based on BT infrastructure, FTTC is easy to implement. GEA is also based on BT infrastructure, but offers additional speed and bandwidth by routing traffic through a separate, less contended Ethernet connection. Whichever you choose, our aim is to transform the speed with which you do business.

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