How to repurpose your top content

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No matter whether your website’s top content gives traffic or conversions, there is nothing stopping you from using its best qualities to maximum effect again and again.

While not an especially new tactic, repurposing content is often unfairly overlooked by marketers, even though it can add value to your audience’s browsing experience with minimal effort.

Here with a simple three-step guide on how to identify, repurpose, and republish content. ITTU, is an adept company that specialises in IT support, web design, content, social media, and advertising solutions.


  1. Identify content to repurpose

Thanks to data analytics, you can easily identify the content that brings in the most traffic, has the highest engagement level, or coverts the most consumers. However, this doesn’t mean to say your content repurposing efforts should be solely focused on website pages.

In fact, some of the ripest content for repurposing includes videos and podcasts. This is because visual and audio content can be turned into transcripts, which not only appeal to those that weren’t able to watch or hear the first time around, but also rank on search engines for even more exposure.


  1. Repurpose the content

This is where you need to make content different enough to avoid punishment or penalty, but also retain the traits that originally made it shine. Just like the transcript example above, perhaps the easiest way to do this is by changing the medium of the content.

Therefore, an enlightening top 10 blog or article could become an entertaining infographic; a lengthy case study or white paper could become a more concise slideshow. Most content repurposing efforts attempt to simplify, as this brings the focus onto your most important observations or arguments.


  1. Republish the content

Last but not least, you will need to republish the content in order for even more people to see it, preferably on a different platform to the original. Consider social media for infographics with a link back to the original content and SlideShare or YouTube for presentations, as these reputable sites tend to rank highly on the SERP.

Don’t forget to measure the impact of your repurposing efforts either. The most important metrics to look at are number of pages viewed, time on site, bounce rate, and conversions. This way, you will know whether your content has had the desired effect and what you could do in future for even more repurposing success.


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