Digital Marketing

With traditional forms of advertising and promotion losing their power and influence, digital marketing is now a matter of great importance for several businesses.

In fact, ITTU believes it should spearhead any organisations forward thinking marketing strategy, as the untold benefits are immense. We want all our clients to achieve digital dominance and do not admit defeat until this is realised.

There is no denying the far-reaching implications of the Internet, which can be both positive and negative. But there has never been a better time to take advantage of this extensive global platform where targeted audiences can be reached and measured results can be achieved.

For a company like ITTU, this is an exciting and invigorating time, as the range of tools at our disposal can transform any company’s dream into a reality. These include:

SEO planning and implementation
Social media management and marketing
Content marketing
Website design and development
Mobile optimised websites
Consumer and competitor analytics
PPC planning and implementation
Brand identity building
Digital PR

Although our lives would be a lot easier if things stayed the same, digital marketing is a rapidly evolving industry, which requires constant monitoring and management. On top of that, you need a certain level of experience and expertise to fully understand the technical and creative sides of this revolutionary digital landscape.

SEO Specialists

But at ITTU, we know that keeping up with the latest industry developments and staying one step ahead of the game is crucial for our clients. Online competition is intense and there is bound to be rivals lurking around the corner.

Thankfully, our adept team of SEO specialists and web wizards have the knowledge and wisdom to deliver digital distinction. In addition to tracking trends, we pride ourselves on innovative thinking and original ideas in order to come out on top.

The road to search engine and social media supremacy could be a long one, while building a strong identity and long-last customer relationships isn’t always easy, but the potential rewards are incredibly far-reaching.

Especially when you consider that Google receives over 12 billion search queries every month, Facebook has 757 million people log in every day, while Twitter users voice their opinion 2000 times a second.

That’s a lot of people communicating and interacting online. Even the smallest percentage of these active users could be customers if you target them in the right way through the multitude of digital marketing methods and techniques ITTU possesses.

A Head of the digital landscape

Increasing visibility through SEO, communicating with customers on social media, providing valuable copy via content marketing and building strong relationships thanks to brand identity is all well and good, but we like to focus on one thing in particular – results.

All these aspects of digital marketing are somewhat worthless is they don’t provide our clients with positive outcomes and a favourable ROI. Therefore, ITTU recognises this is a results driven business and as such, do not give up until we have attained your goals and objectives.

So what are you waiting for?

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