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Brentwood businesses must make sure that they are investing in IT support. New reports suggest as many as two-thirds of businesses on the market will be hacked at some point this year. If your business is hit by a hack, it could take months to recover and repair your company brand. Helping you avoid this type of situation is just one of the ways ITTU can aid your company by providing the right IT support service.

We have worked with clients all over Essex to make sure that their company remained secure, free from hacks and other system issues. Remember, as a business owner you are completely dependent on the technology at the heart of your company. If that technology fails, your Brentwood business could come crashing down. We won’t let that happen.

At ITTU we firmly believe it’s better to prevent a fire in your business than put one out. That’s why we offer a full monitoring service. We can keep a check on every area of your computer network to make sure any issue is dealt with before it becomes a more serious concern. We can even prevent hacks from happening and let your IT team know about issues as quickly as possible.

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Trust In The Services We Provide

Being a business owner doesn’t mean that you should be an expert in IT and we know this. Using our service you can trust us to provide the answers you need. We have a full helpdesk to answer any questions or queries that you might have related to IT. At ITTU, we only hire the best so you can always guarantee you will gain the support you need from an expert.

Need a repair or a quick fix? At ITTU we are happy to deal with all and any of the emergencies you might have with hardware or software in your Brentwood business. We can even keep a check on your systems regularly and make sure that they are well maintained and updated when necessary.

Working As One With Your IT Team In Brentwood

Part of our company policy and something that separates our service from the rest of the market is that we work with you. You might already have an in-house IT team. We can compliment their service providing the extra advice and attention that you need. By doing this, we can work to find the best solution for your business. We can even offer customised IT support packages, specific to your business.

Choose An IT In Brentwood You Can Count On

At ITTU we aim to provide a service a cut above the rest for our clients. Working with only the best IT vendors, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to maximise the potential of your IT infrastructure.

With a fully qualified expert team and years of experience servicing an eclectic range of companies we are ready to benefit your business and built up your companies IT systems. Contact us today to find out more and let’s bring your Brentwood business to the next level.

About Brentwood

Often known as the ‘true Essex,’ Brentwood is close to both Basildon and Billericay. It’s the filming location for ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and as such has a booming tourist industry. A massive, sprawling suburb, filled with everything from nightclubs like the Sugar Hut to retail shops such as Minnies Boutique, Brentwood has a thriving infrastructure.

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