What to think about when choosing a Data Backup system

Data Backup system

Backup solutions can provide peace of mind that business owners need. With the right backup solution, you can make sure that your businesses most important files are secure. Even if you experience a problem with your equipment or software, you will be able to access a digital copy of all the important data. However, it’s true to say that not all backup solutions are equal. They can vary greatly in both scale and reliability. As well as this, some provide a more rapid solution than others. So, what do you need to think about when comparing backup solutions for your business?


Is It Stored On Site?

The first question to ask is where your data is going to be stored. There are two options here. Either it can be stored on site or off site.

If data is stored off-site, it won’t be in the same place as the computer system. Usually, services like this are offered online and there are benefits to this type of set up. A local natural disaster will no longer be detrimental to your business data. However, for this to be effective, you will need an excellent internet service and a lot of bandwidth. It’s possible that this will make the service more expensive and may limit the amount of data that you can back up.

If your data is backed up on site then obviously it will be vulnerable to natural disasters that are occurring locally. In the UK, this will be issues like fire, theft, flood or general storm damage. That said, it’s typically a lot easier and faster to access the data with this type of set up. As well as this, you don’t need to worry about internet connections and the speeds in your area. This makes this type of solution more flexible.


What Scale Of Backup Do You Need?

Again, there are two options to consider here. One possibility would be a data only backup. This is the simplest option and therefore often cheaper. In this case, only vital documents and data are backed up including financial documents and any important emails. Of course, this does mean that all other parts of your systems need to be built back up and this can take a lot of time. For instance, building up a server will take a few days at least.

Alternatively, you can get a full system backup. The benefit here is that everything is including in the backup from software to data. As such, it’s possible to recreate the entire digital platform of your business in a short amount of time. Indeed, this can be quick and painless for business owners and may result in hardly any downtime. That said this type of set up will take a tremendous amount of space and not be suitable for offsite services.


Finding The Right Data Backup Service For You

You need to find the right solution for your company. Each business has different requirements and issues that must be addressed by a backup. For instance, if your business is located in an area where natural disasters could be more common an offsite solution could be beneficial. Contact our team today, and we will help you make the right, informed decision.


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